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J. Martain

Forgetting the Lost (audiobook)

Forgetting the Lost (audiobook)

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(Prequel to Daughters of Men)

Most children are afraid of the dark.
She knows better.

Six-year-old Madeline Galloway knows she's unlikeable. Unlovable. Uncanny. But when she encounters a strange man she believes to be a fallen angel, will her abilities save her lifeor ruin it?

This novella can be enjoyed as a prequel to Daughters of Men, or as a standalone supernatural-suspense-meets-Southern-Gothic. 

Narrated by the talented April Doty. (Play video for extended audio sample.) 

Total listening time: 2 hours, 5 minutes

Author's note: If this story was a film, it would be rated PG-13 for thematic elements, including implied child abuse and suicide. Nothing is graphic, but the psychological undertones are darker than in Daughters of Men or My Alien Life.

Also! When you buy direct from me, you will own one licensed copy of the mp3 file. If you read the fine print on Audible/Amazon, Apple, etc. they only rent audiobooks to you. But I know you understand how copyrights work and that piracy is bad. (I also believe in karma...just saying.)

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When you buy direct from me, you will OWN one licensed copy.

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